Matt Nutting

Mett Nutting, Social Security Disability Expert
  • Licensed Social Security Disability Expert
  • 215 Burnet Ave.
  • Syracuse
  • New York, 13203
  • Phone
  • 315.474.3742
    800.608.3333 (Toll Free)
    800.372.3760 (Toll Free)
  • Fax
  • 315.471.1536

About Matt

Matt's a licensed SSD practitioner with nearly 10 years' professional experience in the legal industry, 6 years devoted to Social Security. Matt leaves no stone unturned when working on your social security case.

Why does Matt do what he does every day?

Matt says "I've always been infatuated with the law -- I love sticking up for the underdog. Practicing SSD (Social Security Disability) allows me to do that".

Why do I like being a part of the Stanley Team?

"We're different than most law firms in many ways. We work tirelessly seven days a week -- for me the clock never stops. Clients can tell The Stanley Team has genuine empathy -- I fight for my clients the way I would want to be fought for.

The knowledge clients benefit from with the Stanley Team is immense. Matt himself attends ongoing conferences and diligently checks Congress to keep up on the latest news and developments as the law's constantly evolving for Social Security Disability.

Matt has an BA from the Maxwell School at SU, and completed his Masters at the Maxwell School in 2006. "I don't take no for an answer -- if the Administration says 'no' I have the resources and network in place to sue them in Federal court.

Matt's an avid SU sports Fan, and loves the Yankees, WWE, Star Wars and The Rock. "Hard work, knowledge, resiliency, tough, and smart make me the client's best social security disability advocate. You can count on me to leave no stone unturned".