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Question: Many of your personal injury clients that you deal with are eligible for either Worker’s Compensation, Social Security Disability and in many cases both. Tell me about how Stanley team works with Worker’s Comp. Tell me about your team.

Joe: Our goal is whenever somebody’s got a significant injury that we want to make sure that they are taken care of in the best manner allowable given their circumstances.  If they are hurt on the job then that’s Worker’s Compensation. If they are unable to work after certain period time, usually 9 months, then we get them involved with the Social Security Disability process. On top of that of course those all interact with the litigation system. This system of compensation is above and beyond those two because the compensation that you get with Social Security or Worker’s Comp is not the same as when you’re entitled to under the law when you have a personal injury. It is very, very important to get all these things working together.

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