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Question: Last week we talked about the importance of getting Worker’s Compensation and Social Security. Getting those elements of a particular personal injury case working together.  It takes a special kind of person to work through a Worker’s Compensation or a Social Security Disability case. Can you talk a bit about those folks that are on your team at Stanley Law that focus on these areas?

Joe: Well we have Anna, Jaya, Matt and Denise. That’s generally what they do. They do the Social Security Disability and Worker’s Comp and they spend a lot of time helping people understand the process. I can tell you that most difficult thing for a client, who’s hurt, is figuring out and understanding how the process is going to affect them.

It can be complex. It’s a lot of hoops you have to jump though.

Well it’s difficult and sometimes they just don’t understand but you have to play by those rules to be able to get what you are entitled to. That’s something that we work hard at explaining and hopefully we do a good job at that.

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