Winter Fun

Question: For many it’s a favorite time of year in central New York with the snow. There is lots of winter fun to be had but there are also things to be mindful of, snowmobiling, even families going out sledding and certainly winter driving. Can you touch upon a little bit of the things we should be mindful of as we head into this winter?

Joe: Equipment, whether it’s a car, a sled, or a snowmobile, should be in its absolute pristine condition because it’s going to be suffering severe stress in our climate. Snow tires, tune ups for your snowmobile or sled. Make sure everything works. Despite everything being in working order bad things can happen. The rule is that you have to watch out for others and watch out for yourself because 99% of cases that come into my office are because people aren’t paying attention to what they should be paying attention to.  It is important to be careful whether you are sledding, watching where you are going or you are snowmobiling. Same thing with driving. Pay attention and be careful especially in extreme weather.

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