Winter Driving

Question: Joe, we are just around the corner from some, sometimes-hectic road conditions in Central NY for winter driving. Tell us a little bit about the accident App that you have developed for folks. How they can use it and what to be mindful of as we head into winter.

Joe: I always tell everybody the last thing in the world you want to do is be my client because it means that something bas has happened to you. That may seem trivial but its not. Unfortunately given the way things are there is always the possibility that you are going to be involved in a severe accident. The App we’ve developed, whether it’s a car crash or otherwise, was to give you the ability to follow the rules and how to document your claim. Make sure you get all the information at the scene of the accident if you are capable of getting the information. That’s right. Even afterwards it’s good, it gives you good guidelines for anybody who is involved in any kind of case where they are injured. How do they get the App? They can download it just like ay other App from the sources that are available. Google or Apple. It is a very useful device. Check it out.

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