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Question: Joe, you’ve said a lot over the years that your firm and the team at Stanley Law are there for you. Why do you do what you? Why does the team do what they do every day? It’s tough work.

Joe: Well, everyone has a tough job to do but I think our biggest goal is to help people in times of need. As I’ve always said there are a lot of people out there that are on the edge. Just the way the economy is and then something bad happens to them, they get hurt in a car crash, or they get hurt on the job. They are really seeking the help to get them through very bad times. It is really nice to see at the end that when you help people out, you get them back on their feet. They get the assistance that they need. It’s really nice. You get cards. You get to see people where they really are back to where they need to be. In this day and age, that’s something that is not that easy given how difficult the insurance companies are. How difficult the health care system is. Cost of medical bills and health care, all of that. The system is very, very difficult. So it is nice when things turn out the way they are suppose to turn out.

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