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Question: Joe, I know people approach me, they certainly approach you, in a restaurant, in a store or on the street and say, “Joe knows”, and “Joe is everywhere.” Why do you advertise at the level that you do? Why is it so important to you? I know this isn’t your favorite thing to do be on television, why is it important to do what you do?

Joe: Marketing is marketing, in terms of giving information to people. I think it’s a compliment that they will come up and ask questions because I am actually honored. People think it’s a bother but it’s really not. In our business, you are to help people. You don’t do what I do unless you are really interested in trying to help people.  Legal issues, everyone has and most of the time people can’t afford to pay somebody to give them answers, to what to us are relatively simple things. Even in fields that I don’t have anything to do with. I think the best enjoyment you get is that you can try to help somebody for for free with a legal issue or find somebody who can help them. Helping people in your community to solve their problems makes your community a better place.

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