When Does a Case Go To Trial?

Question: Joe, its understandable that when seriously injured clients come to they want to be heard. They want justice. They want you to be their voice. They want to have a voice but not all cases go to trial. Some do. What are the circumstances that determine that?

Joe: Well, that’s a fairly complex question. There’s a simple part and there is a complicated part.  The simple part is that there are some insurance companies that’s their MO that they will not pay until the case goes to trial or they won’t pay at all because that’s their profit motive.

Deny and that’s it.

Well, that’s unreasonable and we know who  they are. Then you deal with them accordingly.  Then the other group of cases are, there is a resolution because we can’t agree to the basic principles of liability and/or damages. Only a jury or at least the threat of a jury is going to at least bring the parties closer together and may never bring them close enough and such that the only resolution would be a jury verdict. That’s a much larger group and some of that is also governed by the amount of insurance. That’s really how that works.

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