“What’s a focus group all about?”

People are curious about the purpose of focus groups and how they work.  As a lawyer, focus groups are part of what I do to prepare for a serious personal injury case.  A focus group is really a means for me as a lawyer, to help myself and my client prepare properly for a case so it an be presented accurately and fairly to a jury.  We get everyday people to participate in focus groups.  They get a few dollars to come in and sit for house.  They give us their input, tell us what they think – and what they don’t think.  Just because I’m a lawyer, doesn’t mean I know what’s going to be understood well by a jury.  And because I’m so close to these cases every day, a different point of view, several different points of view, are critical to the preparation of the case.  What will the jurors best understand? What might they not understand? So focus groups help us convent the clients’ story, their case, in the most understandable, relatable way.

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