“What if you’re not from around here and are going to be driving on our winter roads?”

Upstate New York winters can be dicey to say the least out on the roads.  In Watertown, NY for example where you have an office, we have soldiers coming from all parts of the country with their families.  Many aren’t necessarily accustomed to driving in severe winter conditions.  What do you recommend to people who’ve never driven in a Central New York winter?

JOE:  Take your car out in a safe, remote area, parking lot, etc.  Slam on the brakes, turn quickly, stop quickly, begin to learn and get a good feel for what these situations are like.  You should really have snow times because trying to drive with regular summer tires in this weather, expecially if you’ve never experienced it before, can be very dangerous.  You want to make sure your car is also safely equipped and ready for what can be some very, very cold and extreme weather at times.

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