“What do you do first when you’re in an accident on wintry roads?”

“If you’re in a car crash on wintry roads, what’s the first thing you should do?”

JOE:  First if you’re able, get off the road, contact help.  Taking care of yourself first of course is the most important thing and seeking proper medical care.  Your medical care and part of your lost earnings if your injuries are to that extent, are going to be covered by no fault insurance.  So you do want to make sure you do what needs to be done and seek proper attention with your doctor.  Document EVERYTHING.  Memory fails all of us, so timely collection of information, photographs, witnesses, etc are all very important.

The way things are done these days, the policies and procedures, and all the rules, if you’re not familiar with them, and really even if you are, you should really talk to a lawyer that does that kind of personal injury work.  You need to know what to do, when to do it, and that you’re not prejudicing your rights and what you may be entitled to for your accident and injuries.

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