True Heroes

Question: Joe, in so many cases in your field of personal injury, when someone is seriously injured or a family member, etc., a family can lose everything very quickly when there is a serious injury. It is a difficult time. The real heroes here in this of course are those injured victims, those injured people and families. How do you help them? It has to be a tough day-to-day job for you at times.

Joe: Well Angela, I think that’s true. Again, it goes into the theory that these people are made out sometimes to be suspect or not legitimate. When in fact, they were living on the edge before they got hurt and accidents or injuries take away their livelihood. They take away their ability to support their families, support themselves. To most people those are earth-shattering events. They have very little support in the world. We try to do the best that we can for them. It’s a terrible situation. It’s even frustrating and hard for them to understand how bad it is and how long, and how difficult the process is going to be. Yes it can be very difficult.

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