The Real Heroes

Question:  Joe, we see all the commercials. We hear all the stories and certainly you and your team have done a wonderful job for a lot of folk’s and their families throughout Central New York and even into Pennsylvania. The real heroes, though, tell us about the particular cases you’ve tried. Any that stand out in your mind that you are particularly proud of helping them get back on their feet.

Joe: Well, you know everyone that we helped won out on is one that I remember. Whether it’s a small case that you helped somebody that had a broken bone and you got them a very nice recovery because of someone’s negligence in a car crash or a very serious construction site accident or falls. You know you remember them all. That is an interesting question but you remember the people for how hard they work. How dedicated they were to overcome their situation. The thing that always impresses me is that people are so resilient. No matter what happens to them, they overcome whatever harm happens.

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