“The most common question I get asked”…

The most common question I get asked is “How do I protect myself if someone gets hurt on my property?”

Answer:  Well, if you’re insured, which if you own your property you’ll have homeowner’s insurance or if you rent, renter’s insurance. First notify your insurance company. Before that ever happens, make sure your property’s safe.  I remind people that the most likely people to get  hurt on your property is you or your family.  People you love.  So, keep things safe.  As far as legal liability, in other words in order for you to get sued it generally comes out of your failure to keep your property reasonably safe.  So if you know about a condition that’s hazardous, correc it.  At least warn people about it or block it off or whatever you can until you do get it fixed – and that should keep you out of trouble.

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Posted By: Joe Stanley

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