“The Insurance Company’s ads on TV seem friendly enough… some of them are even funny!”

Chances are if you watch television, listen to the radio, or use YouTube in any way, you’ve seen an insurance commercial or two in your day.  Some of them you may even think are funny.  There’s no doubt some can be entertaining.  What’s behind the ad itself is what is sinister.

I’ve talked for a long time now on tv and radio myself, and in the social channels, about the business model of insurance companies.  Sharing the stories of consistent denying systematically all claims that come their way is just one of their tactics.  Delaying the process and bleeding clients dry of time, patience, energy, and money, is another tactic.  These tactics both work very effectively in keeping their pockets padded, helping them to remain one of the most profitable businesses going.  The third tactic, is propaganda through advertising, particularly using humor to entertain, drive their ‘likeability’ with you the audience, and deflect blame and criticism on to the victims of personal injury accidents.

In last week’s blog post, we talked about the propaganda that goes on to skew juries’ perceptions and beliefs and bring into question the character and integrity of an injured party, as well as the validity of their injury and case.  In all my years helping to garner justice and deserved financial support for a seriously injured person that’s wronged by some other party, I see the system skewing more and more in favor of the insurance companies and their hired doctors.  It’s making it harder and harder to demonstrate that a true victim, the only cases we EVER accept and agree to prosecute against these insurance companies, deserves compensation and deserves the right to be heard and their injuries and case validated in a rightful manner.

Many pose the question, “Yes but look at how much lawyers advertise on TV too! Look how much money you spend on ads Joe? Isn’t that the same?”  My answer is that in every field you have companies and professionals advertising their goods and services.  Everyone has their own set of reasons for doing that.  Mine is always this:  educate and make aware.  An aware public, an educated public, an informed public, can act better on their own behalf and on the behalf of their peers than an uneducated or naïve one.  Everything my Team and I do in the advertising realm is to ensure you’re aware and educated and given a 360 degree perspective on how things really are.  Otherwise, it’s always just the insurance companies telling their skewed version like “people who sue are the cause for your insurance premiums going higher and higher.”  My response to that is that statement is ludicrous at best.  Why?Because when you examine the statistics insurance company profits keep going up and up, while settlement amounts do NOT.  On top of that, fewer cases, not more, are being sued.

The next time you see a funny insurance commercial, sure laugh! It is indeed entertaining.  Also take the time to think – and consider laughing not only because the message itself is funny, but because you know the real truth behind the humor.  But for the grace of God goes any one of us.  No one ever believes they’re going to get in a bad accident.  If you did, you’d never leave your home, go to work, drive your car, go to the store.  So please realize, reality says it can happen to any one of us.  That’s why I do what I do.  No one is bullet proof – and if and when an unfortunate circumstance happens, and everything you know and love and rely upon is in jeopardy, know that TheTeam at Stanley Law, and certainly me, Joe Stanley, will be there for you.  That’s our promise.  Your insurance company?  Well, you can guarantee with a fair amount of certainty, they won’t be.


Joe Stanley of Stanley Law and his entire team have decades of experience and time and money to educating the public and making them aware of their rights.  They work on behalf of clients across New York and Pennsylvania to help them get what they deserve.  A serious personal injury accident can happen to any one of us.  It’s never a situation you want to go it alone on.  If you or someone you has a serious injury, please call us at 1-800-608-3333or email us through our website where you can also describe your potential case.  Your consultation is FREE.

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