Summer Event Safety

Question: Joe, last week we spoke about summer fun in Central New York. Let’s say you are having a graduation party or you are having a wedding rehearsal or wedding party. People will be traveling in and you are having it on your property. What are the things you should be thinking about, as preparation for that, to be responsible?

Joe: Any event requires planning. The first rule is that you want to be safe. That means how it is set up, how you are going to provide and where it is going to be. Make sure you get rid of the hazards. We all have hazards around our house and nobody wants their guest or family members to get hurt. If you are going to have an event, you should always make sure your have the proper homeowners insurance coverage, if you are having it on your property. You probably don’t need anything extra your homeowners insurance covers a lot of things. People worry about alcohol. Alcohol is okay if you are reasonable with it. You have to make sure with the kid situation that if they are under 21 that they don’t get it. That is probably the most important issue with alcohol.

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