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Hi, I am Joe Stanley for the Stanley Law Offices. No one knows what’s just around the corner but you do need to know what to do next. The next few minutes will give you some answers.

Question:  Joe, I downloaded your Accident App (iOSAndroid. I did exactly what you told me to do. I loaded all the information in there just because I don’t know what might be around the corner. Right? Talk a little bit about the importance of your Accident App, how people can use it and why to be prepared.

Well, as we talked about it in the past. What is important if you’ve been involved in any type of accident is to document what happened to you. I can tell you with absolute certainty that the insurance company in any claim that is brought is going to want all the documentation that you have plus more. They are going to insist on more than is readily available. So we put the App together to guide people so that they understand the kind of information that they should collect and have in place, in case something bad happens to them. You never want to have that happen but you want to be prepared. That’s why its important to follow the information if something bad does happen, gather it and so you are prepared in case you have to prove what happened to you.

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