Question:  Joe, Social Security Disability. It is an interesting field that your firm practices and helps people with. You have a system for it. Can you talk a little bit about why people might want to consider phoning you and talking their way through it with you and your team?

Joe:  Well, Social Security Disability for those who don’t know is the governments program that pays out in case you have a long-term disability claim from your Social Security earnings. There is also another program that is called SSI, which is an insured part for that program if you don’t have enough time in the program. People who are possibly eligible for that program can always call and we tell them how to apply. There is no charge. They can apply online and we can help them with the information that they need to put in place. The government will evaluate how the claim is from their perspective. Sometimes they will get it without any legal help, which is fabulous. So they get free legal help, their claim can get processed and maybe successful without hiring a lawyer.

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