Spousal Coverage “Joe knows”

Question:  Last week I asked about spousal coverage. Can you tell me more about it?

Joe:  Well, we spoke about that generally it allows you to sue your husband or wife if you are driving the car. Normally, under New York State law that has been excluded. Most people would say, “Why would you sue your husband or wife?” depending on who was at fault driving. Let me give you an example. I just had a husband and wife who were driving along and the husband did something. He was 100% at fault. He wife got seriously injured. If anybody else were driving his car, whether it was his children, his uncle or his aunt, his wife would have been able to sue them. But because they didn’t have that endorsement and he was clearly the only one at fault, she cannot make any claim for serious injuries she sustained. They were very, very serious. It is just an anomaly under the law that had been around forever that there is some reason that husbands and wives should not sue each other because it was the same funds. That coverage is now available and everyone should consider getting it because it is inexpensive.

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