Spousal Coverage “Joe Knows”

Question: Good evening Joe. Whenever I’ve had conversations with friends about “Do you have coverage for your spouse?” Should you be in an accident and your spouse is in your car with you because you might need to sue your spouse. They just give me this funny look. I say, “Well that is what Joe tells me.”

Joe: In New York, until a few years ago, you didn’t have that luxury. If you were with your spouse and they were driving your car, which is a most likely scenario, they couldn’t be sued. Well, they could be sued but there would be no insurance coverage.  There was no offering for insurance coverage for spouses.

Why would someone sue his or her spouse?

If you were in a situation where there are bad injuries and someone is at fault for driving a car that is your only recourse. They wouldn’t be treated any differently than any other driver.

You need that money to cover your medical expenses.

That is the situation and that is why the law was changed. It’s optional now and if you wanted to have to have it and pay for it now on your policy. Everyone should have it because it is not expensive. You are more likely to injured by your spouse driving than anyone else. It’s a good thing to have on your policy and hope you never have to use it.

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