Someone is Injured

Question: So Joe, when someone is seriously injured, of course after seeking medical help, what do they do next?

Joe: When you are seriously injured and you think there is legal responsibility to somebody else, it is important to figure out what your responsibilities are and what your legal rights are.  Again, that’s information and knowledge that an injured person is not thinking about but it is important because the way the legal system works. The way, I say, the game has to be played. You have to get information. You have to document what happened. If it’s a construction accident, a bad car accident or a fall, you have to get the information as soon as possible. You have to document the information because if you don’t get it or don’t come up with it, this where the insurance company can play the game and say you are not legitimate. You can’t prove it or it didn’t happen. It’s not proper. So, when you are injured, you have serious issues but have you also have to understand that the legal part is very difficult also.  Act quickly.

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