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Question: Joe, you are on Facebook, you are on Twitter. There are certain things that people who have been injured have to take into consideration before they post something on those social sites. Do you want  talk a little bit about that?

Joe: I don’t know if its just anybody that has been injured, I think it’s anybody that is alive needs to seriously consider what they are putting out on Twitter or Facebook because it is there forever. It is information that is accessible and can be accessible to anyone for any purpose. So if you put something stupid, say something stupid or put a picture doing something stupid it’s there for anyone to get. There is no privacy. You have to assume you are showing it to the entire world. That goes with an accident, if you are in an accident and you are not telling the truth and then you post things on the Internet, on Facebook, on Twitter, whatever, it is proven that you are not legitimate. So you have to be concerned, no matter how, what, where or when. What is there and what you are doing and be careful about how you do it because it can come back and really be a problem.

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