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Question: Joe, you are on Facebook and you participate in social media. You often get a lot of questions through there, I know. As does your not for profit “Music for the Missions”, they are there too. What are the things you think about and what should others be thinking about when they are posting on Facebook or any social media?

Joe: The most critical thing that people need to realize and I’m not sure that they do, is that whether it’s the private side or the public side of any social media, you should not ever post anything in there that you would not want the entire world to know of at any time. I’m not sure that is appreciated. In my business, I find that I have a lot of badly injured people that are involved with social media. They are harmed by, not that they are doing anything wrong, but by personal information that they are putting our there because they are depressed, worried or whatever, is used against them. So you have to really take into consideration what you doing and be cautious of what you put out there in public use.

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