Settle or Court ” Joe knows”

Question:  So Joe, what are the conditions that decide whether my case will be settled or whether it is going to court.

Joe:  Well you know those are very important questions that clients always have. Over the last 10 years that has become a very difficult issue because the number of cases that can settle fairly become less and less. It is frustrating to the clients. When I say fairly, most cases you can settle with the insurance companies if you settle on their terms. The problem is the settlement is really negotiated by what they will do based upon their criteria. If you do not agree with their basis for a reasonable settlement then you must go forward with litigation. That doesn’t mean the case will be tried but it have to be litigated. That is happening more and more. That becomes costly and expensive. So you have to have all these things into consideration as to what you can do with your case and how to pursue it in terms of the court. And so the ultimate answer is it’s a multitude of questions that are easily answered except in specific situations.

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