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Hi, my name is Rob Quattrocci and I am a partner here at the Stanley Law Offices.

I have been with the Stanley Law Offices for the last 16 years and my primary focus is on the legal aspect of your case. When you sign up with our firm, you get entire team working on your file that goes from the paralegals, to our associates, to the partners, myself and Joe. While you are contacting the paralegal, the lawyers in the background of your case are focusing on the legal aspects of your case. To get your case the settlement and to get you the best award possible, we have to do a lot of work with the courts, with the appellate courts and eventually with the trial if we get that far. My focus is getting your case to that point and getting you the best ward we possibly can. Even though I do the legal aspects on every case, I focus on the construction accident cases primarily because I think I have a unique background for that type of law. My father was a construction worker before he retired. I worked in the construction field through high school, through college and through law school. I know the terminology. I know what goes on at the construction sites. I know what you are going through everyday and I know what safety equipment being used for not being used to help protect you when you are on that site. There are very unique laws when it comes to construction accident cases. You will get workers compensation but you also have a claim against the owner of the property and maybe against the general contractor. To get your case to the conclusion that you want takes a lot of work, a lot of legal work and we try to explain that you. We try to get you the best award possible. I encourage you to look at the rest of our site and to contact our firm.

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