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Question:Motorcycles, boats, ATVs and summer fun. What can you tell people as a word to the wise, as they go out there and have a great time on their recreational vehicles?

Joe: Well from my perspective as a lawyer, I always tell them to make sure they follow the rules of having your vehicles, whatever they are, registered and insured. As the old adage goes “you never know what is going to happen.” The worst thing that could happen is that somebody gets hurt and you are legally responsible and then there is no insurance. That is a horror show for everyone involved. That is the reason we have insurance, in the unlikely case that someone gets hurt because you did something probably you shouldn’t done. There can be insurance to compensate the person that is hurt. So, primarily that is important and also you need to pay attention. Motorcycles, boats, ATVs are all things that sometimes people get carried away, so to speak. You have to be careful what you do and how you do it. Use common sense. That is what I always say. If people used common sense, I would probably be out of business. Hopefully, there will be more and more of those that can do it and pay attention to what they are doing and have fun.

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