Premises Liability

Question: This time of year Joe, there are special considerations, when you are a Central New Yorker, about keeping your property, keeping your home, your business, etc., clean from snow and ice. Is there a term for it? Premise something?

Joe: What we call as lawyers, Premise Liability. Those are just fancy words. What it means is if you own property, you have an obligation to keep it reasonably safe for yourself and others. As I always have said and continue to say, that it is only common sense keeping the property safe from snow and ice or other conditions. It is important because the most likely people to get hurt by dangerous conditions on your property are you and your family. If it’s your business, you and your employees. That is a situation you clearly do not want. So in the wintertime, use common sense. You want to make it safe for you and your family or you and your employees. Do what’s necessary to keep it so you know no one is going to get hurt.

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