Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

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Each year in America, thousands of elderly and vulnerable adults are harmed in nursing homes. These injuries can be especially devastating, as many families believe that a nursing home will act in the best interests of their loved one.

At Stanley Law, our team of experienced trial lawyers holds nursing homes accountable for the harm they cause. Our goal is to get the best possible results for victims throughout upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania, and for their families, helping them to move forward with their lives.

Nursing Home Injuries

Sometimes, families aren’t sure whether a nursing home injury is the result of abuse or neglect. Nursing home abuse and neglect hurts elderly people and dependent adults. If you aren’t sure, it’s best to talk with a lawyer:

  • Bed sores: These painful and toxic sores often develop when nursing home residents are ignored and uncared for. Severe bed sores (sometimes called decubitus ulcers) can lead to sepsis and death.
  • Bowel and bladder injuries: Elderly adults in nursing homes are often unable to move without assistance, even to use the bathroom. Urinary tract infections (UTIs), fecal impaction and catheter-related infections can result.
  • Malnutrition: More than simply not getting enough to eat, malnutrition means not getting the basic vitamins and minerals necessary for survival — this should never happen in a nursing home.
  • Dehydration: Not getting enough water can lead to serious injury and even death. Like malnutrition, it should never happen in a nursing home.
  • Burns: Burns can be a sign of nursing home neglect or abuse. From scalding hot coffee, to unsupervised bathing, to abuse, nursing home burns should be investigated thoroughly.
  • Improper restraints: Often, nursing homes use improper chemical restraints or physical restraints that actually injure patients. If this has happened to someone you love, contact an attorney.

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