Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident lawyer can assist motorcyclists and their families if an accident occurs. Motorcycle riders have the same legal rights as other motor vehicle drivers to use the road. When a motorcycle accident happens, the majority of them occur due to a car or truck driver failing to see the motorcyclist. A motorcycle rider has a 25 percent higher likelihood of suffering a fatal injury than other drivers in an accident. Even for the nonfatal accidents, motorcyclists usually have much more severe injuries than drivers of other motor vehicles.

What to Expect

Insurance companies often cast blame to motorcyclists after an accident, but a motorcycle accident lawyer can help with legal issues after a crash. The attorney will have the legal expertise to help a client obtain needed medical care and guide clients through the complicated legal process. The lawyer’s understanding of the judicial proceedings, specifically with motorcycle accidents, often makes it possible to prove the negligence of the other driver. Whether a case is settled or goes to trial, the attorney has the expertise to resolve issues with the insurance company to arrange a reasonable settlement or to move forward to a trial.

Injuries Sustained

Motorcycle accidents usually cause severe injuries to riders, and medical expenses will be high. The most common injuries involve the legs and feet, and the next most common injuries include the head and neck. Motorcyclists also typically sustain injuries to both the upper and lower trunk after a crash. A motorcyclist wearing a helmet has the protection of the hard outer shell of the helmet, which distributes the force of the impact, protecting the skull from devastating injuries. Riders wearing helmets usually have a significant reduction in serious head injuries.

The Financial Burdens

Most people injured in a motorcycle accident will have an extended period of unemployment due to injuries. Bills accumulate quickly during this time. Families may experience significant emotional trauma, especially if death or severe injuries occurred. The typical financial burdens include medical bills, repair bills, and time without a paycheck due to injuries.

What Should You Do?

Moving quickly to secure a motorcycle accident lawyer will be crucial. This professional team will understand the legal process of dealing with an accident. The attorney will also assist clients to ensure they get the medical care needed. A team must have experience with motorcycle experts to know how to prove the other driver was negligent. A strong track record of success with accident settlements and trials will also demonstrate to the insurance company the need for a reasonable settlement value or the likelihood of a trial.

Are you in it to win it? A motorcycle accident lawyer at Stanley Law Offices will assist clients with a personal injury claim. When taking a case at any of six locations, including Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, and Watertown, New York, as well as Montrose, Pennsylvania, attorneys move forward believing that clients deserve to win. This may take grit and tenacity on everyone’s part, but the team promises to leave no stone unturned. Clients play an integral role in the legal process because recovering a settlement or facing trial takes the effort to see the case through to the end. Although fast cash may seem like the best option, clients need a monetary award that will last to compensate for damages. This is where the expertise of the Stanley System for dealing with insurance companies comes in.

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