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More than 4.7 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs each year and nearly one out of every six bites is serious enough to require medical attention. Owners of dogs, regardless of the breed of dog, can be held responsible when bites or attacks occur. Medical and plastic surgery could be required and those expenses add up very quickly. The trauma involved in certain cases, particularly in any case of a child, is particularly devastating and emotional. Dog bite cases are not easy cases in the sense that juries often feel the injured party is somehow responsible for their own injury and engaging with an animal. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s important to know your rights and whether you have a personal injury case that’s winnable.

Like any personal injury case, there are many variables that go into determining whether or not you have a case you can WIN. In the case of an animal or dog bite, much will be dependent on the animal’s history. Information related to the dog’s history very often must be gathered in order for a person injured by a dog bite to have any chance to recover damages. In addition, variations in the leash laws for dogs can have a significant impact on your recovery.

Since injuries from dog bites are frequently covered by homeowner’s insurance coverage, insurance investigators are often at work immediately after a dog attack occurs. The insurance company, like all personal injury claims, wants to pay nothing, or as little as possible. They’re in the business of making a profit, not of paying you. Then on the other side, you have the insurance company who’s job it is to fight to protect the person it insures, the dog owner, from potential responsibility from the dog bite.

Like all personal injury casescar crashesconstruction accidents, when it comes to dog bites, you must also gather witness statements, photograph the scene, use your voice recorded on your cell phone to record any conversations with witnesses or the other parties involved.

The Team at Stanley Law offers you a free consultation over the phone to determine whether or not your case may be viable and able to win in court if that’s what it comes to. Fast cash is never the answer. You can guarantee if the insurance companies feel you have a legitimate case that’s winnable, they’ll try to settle and settle fast. This is not always the best answer. You can’t go it alone. We’ve fought dog bite cases in the past and won. If you have a winnable case, with the Stanley Law System and our commitment to leave no stone unturned, contact the Team at Stanley Law.

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