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What we do, whether it’s car crash, whether it’s a construction accident, whether it’s a fall down case, whether it’s medical malpractice, whether it’s an ATV accident. No matter what, if you are badly injured, you want to make sure that every base is covered. How do we do that? We hire accident reconstruction people, usually engineers. We hire architects, medical experts. We hire anybody that we can use to demonstrate the legal liability or who is at fault for a particular accident. After you prove that, you have to show how much the case is worth because juries are not necessarily going to give you large sums of money unless they have a good reason. How do you do that? You show them experts who go through all the past and future medical expenses. They do the same thing for past and future lost earnings. The other item is loss of enjoyment of life. That is done through family, friends and video demonstrations of who you are and what you are. So that people understand that you are trying to make of the best of a situation. People appreciate that more. So you combine all of those together and that is how you get a jury to give you a good award.

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