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Question:  Interestingly Joe, you practice here in New York State, you practice in Pennsylvania. You often get calls from family members and things from outside the area. I think recently you got a couple of calls from the Michigan area of accidents that have happened out that way.  Talk about the how the laws differ from state to state and how you would approach someone who might call you who has a family member from outside the area.

Joe:  Well, the law is clearly different from state to state. Our firm practices in Pennsylvania and New York and the differences are quite stark.  Particularly, dealing with automobile accidents, the rules are totally different. They are different across the board with most kinds of accidents. They are similar but clearly the rules are not the same. So when we have a situation when someone is hurt in another state, we help people out by finding lawyers, good lawyers in those states who do what we do. Help them make sure that their claim is handled the same way we would handle it here.

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