Obama Care

Question: Joe, you’ve mentioned that many people have approached you and asked you about Obama Care, for lack of a better term. Is there any peace of mind here to be found with this? What do you tell people when they ask about that?

Joe: First of all a lot of businesses are concerned that it’s going to cost them money. Which of course, is natural. Any business is worried about cost. Generally speaking, I think,  in our state Obama Care is going to be beneficial for people who are hurt or need medical care period. I think it’s going to change the landscape. It’s going to make more people insured. Hopefully it will ease the burden on Emergency Rooms and try to focus on preventative care. If you are hurt in an accident, I think, it is going to help people get insurance in situations where the insurance companies won’t cover it and you need care. So I think you will be better off in that sense. From a legal point, it will probably make it more complicated for us to deal with the results of that but that is ok. That is what we get paid to do, deal with these kinds of situations.

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