“My word against the police officer’s word”

Question: I was recently pulled over by a police officer for going through a red light. The light was clearly just turning yellow. But it’s his word against mine. Can I gight this? And how can I avoid spending a ton of money on legal fees?

Answer: This question comes up a lot. The answer is YES you CAN figh it. Show up at traffic court where you go the ticket, whether it’s the city of Syracuse or another township or village. Plead NOT GUILTY.  Then you request a judge to hear your case.  Your issue is correct however that unless you have independent proof you’re going to have a pretty tough time proving your case as it is the officer’s word against yours. You could hire a lawyer, but for something as simple as this, unless there’s some other legal issue, it unfortunately wouldn’t make much difference.  You’d testify the light was turning yellow, the office would testify you ran the red light.  Same scenario as before.  It’s certainly worth your time though to plead not guilty and be heard.  You could ened up paying for the trial though and that’s something you have to be aware of in advance.

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