Music for the Mission

Question:  A few years ago, Joe, you implemented a belief in a direction that you wanted to give back to the community in the form of something called Music for the Mission. Many people have heard about it whether on Facebook or out at a community concert. Why did you do it? Why did you start it and what do you get out of it? Why is it so important for people to know about it?

Joe:  Well, the reason we all did it. It is a group effort, it isn’t just me. We did it because we all believe that we need to help those in our community that are less fortunate that us. As I always say, but for the grace of God could go any of us. We need to understand that there are people out there having difficulties not of their own making. Those of us that are better off and that have the opportunity to help, should help. We got together to do it in a way to get people to participate by having a good time.  Using music so that they can come together, enjoy each other and participate in a community event that is fun but know that it is helping those less fortunate in the community.

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