Music for the Mission

Question: Joe we hear throughout the community and in social media about this charitable organization that you started several years ago called Music for the Mission.  Can you talk a little bit about how people can get involved with it and why you are involved with it?

Joe: It’s one of those things that as somebody that has both lived here and had family involvement with it, is that any of us are one step away from homelessness and hunger.  After experiencing it and seeing with potential clients, with family, it’s something that was close to my heart. So we set up to use music as a means of helping the homeless and hungry in our communities.

Question: So you raise money and donate to different organizations that can do that for you.

Joe: Yes and it’s  fabulous the response that we have gotten from the music community. It’s great. It’s just a wonderful way to have a good time to help out.  Believe me we can use all volunteers we can get. You can go to the Check us out or call. We will welcome anyone who wants to help out the homeless and the hungry and enjoy doing it in the process. We really do enjoy it.

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  1. Hi. Sounds wonderful. How can I volunteer?

    Posted by: David | 11:30 am

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