Music for the Mission

Question: Joe, in order to do what you do every day, you have to have passion and belief. You really and truly, not to puff you up, have to really want to help people. You have translated that over into something else that you are passionate about. This is  Music for the Mission. Can you talk a little bit about that with the audience? What are you trying to do for the community through that organization?

Joe: Music for the Mission is a chartable group, we set up as an all-volunteer organization, to use music as a means to get people involved in our community to help the homeless and the hungry. It has been very, very interesting and challenging to get a group of people together, to help form an organization and do all the work. I have to give accolades to all the volunteers. It has really been a pleasure to see how interested people are to help the homeless and the hungry in our community. How great music is as a tool to do that. It’s fabulous. I hope we keep going on and make this even a bigger opportunity for our community.

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