Music for the Mission

Question: Joe, its that time of year when we are even more mindful about those who are in need of the basic human needs of food and shelter. One of the organizations that you’ve started and help found and have been such an integral part of over the last few years is Music for the Mission. Can you tell us a little bit about the organization? What it’s about and what you are attempting to accomplish.

Joe: I am honored that I can the opportunity to talk about the organization at this point. It’s an organization that is set up to help the homeless and the hungry in our community We use music and entertainment as a means to get people to participate, to enjoy an event, to enjoy a proceeding. To have a good time but t the same time, you know you are helping the community. It’s a painless way to help those less fortunate. But for the grace of God, could be any of us. I hope we can also understand the circumstance of the rendezvous and participate to help whether it’s holiday season or all seasons.

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