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Question: Joe, timing is important especially when someone is hurt. The limitations and deadlines that they are faced with can lose a case for them. Can you talk a little about why making that first call, the right call is so important?

Joe: Well, I’ve been taught over the years that being prepared and having the accurate information as soon as possible was the best way to success. Because being prepared and knowing what you need to do is the way to success. If you’ve been hurt, no matter how it happens and you have devastating injuries and you can’t work, you have medical bills, lost earnings, the sooner you get in touch with somebody who knows how to handle those kind of cases the better it is for you. There are deadlines, if you are in a car crash to file for no fault insurance. There are deadlines that are required to investigate how an accident happened. Things disappear amazingly quickly. So if you don’t get there soon, suddenly your ability to prove a case is very, very difficult. So sooner is always better and so is preparation is always better.

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