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Hi, my name is Keith Young. I am an attorney at the Stanley Law Offices.

Prior to working here, I worked several years for the insurance defense bar. In that capacity, I did basically the opposite that I do now. I used to defend cases on behalf of insurers now I bring cases on behalf of plaintiffs. So I have a unique perspective on how both sides operate. I think one of the things that I enjoy most about working on the plaintiff’s side of the bar is that fact that you get to represent individuals who are in most cases in a very bad circumstance. They need medical care. They need their earnings taken care of. What they are looking for is an attorney who can handle their case from start to finish with skill, with competence, with careful thought in how they are going to pursue the objective of getting the client what he or she needs in a difficult circumstance. For example, I had a client recently who we obtained a significant settlement for. He was working in the construction trade. He was seriously hurt on the job. He was unable to work for two years after the accident. We handled his Worker’s Compensation case as well as personal injury claim. He was in a situation where he couldn’t provide for this family. We were able to get his lost wages. We were able to get him the medical care he needed. After that we were able to successfully handle his construction claim against the insurance company. That is the type of result you get when you hire us because we know what we are doing. I encourage you to explore our site and contact us if you need representation. Thank you.

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