“Joe, how does the system really work?”

If you’re hurt, you get in a car crash, you’re seriously injured on a construction site, how does the system really work, what happens next? The insurance companies try to run the whole process.  They’re you’re best buddy one day and we all know as soon as you have a claim, you’re suspect.  Insurance companies have lawyers, many, and they have doctors on their payroll.  They DENY and they DELAY and they MITIGATE EVERY CLAIM that comes along.  It’s their standard practice.  For instance, they’ll send you to see their doctor.  Except he claims he’s an independent medical doctor but he’s not really… he’s on THEIR payroll.  And I can tell you that 99 out of 100 times, that doctor will find you’re not hurt.  Or if you’re hurt, you’re not hurt much – and that you just need to go along with the insurance companies program and recommendations.  Take a look at that doctor’s track record.  Chances are big, that case after case after case, that same doctor said, no, that person’s not hurt, their injuries warrant little or no compensation.  That’s one of the big reasons you need to get a laywer when you’re in a serious accident.  We know how the insurance companies operate.  We know what must be done to give you the most fair chance at getting the money you deserve to cover your medical bills and lost wages and give you some hope of a chance at recovering part of your life after a bad accident.

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