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Question: Good evening Joe. We live in a digital world and with all of the Internet scams and identity thefts we hear about on the news, etc. What are the things we should be mindful of to make sure we protect ourselves? Are there people who are liable? Can we sue someone that attacks us in such a way using the Internet?

Joe: Legally the principles are the same, whether you are doing bad things on the Internet or you are doing them other places. It is more problematic on the Internet because you have to track down the perpetrator and that may not be easy. Then whether they have any assets, insurance or other wise that you can collect on is a bigger problem. So where does that leave us? You have scammers for just about anything, for charities, for investments. You’ve got bullies. You’ve got sexual predators. You’ve got the whole gamut of people using a wonderful resource for there own bad agenda. Us consumers have to develop a plan to protect ourselves, so you don’t need the law to get you out of a situation, which you don’t want to be in. Use your own smarts, your own common sense.

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