Insurance Company Influence

Question: Joe, last week, we spoke a little bit about big insurance companies. You talked about their influence and their marketing, etc. Can you talk a little bit about the influence that insurance companies do in their advertising. The influence it has on the court system as well as even juries.

Joe: Well, you know marketing and people’s beliefs really sometimes come together. Forever, as long as I’ve been in practice, insurance companies have been marketing themselves as something. They also market injured people as suspect. They market people that have been hurt and have legitimate claims are being suspect. Over the years that an idea has built up such to the point that a lot of people believe when you go to court that there is something wrong. Even though you’ve been hurt and you have a devastating injury. I think that all of us need to understand that marketing is what it is. You have to look at everything in its individual situation and trust that for what it is.

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