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Question: Joe, in almost every ad that folks out there see that involves you, we talk about the big insurance companies. Are they really that bad? Is it really their MO to make it difficult as possible?

Joe: Well the short answer to that is yes. If I were in their shoes, I would probably be doing the same thing. They are a business. Business is to make a profit. They make profit by paying out as little as possible.

It’s just an equation.

And again, I don’t know that anybody should be surprised about that. So they have their certain rules. They have their policies and procedures on how they are going to try to implement that to make money. So people that get injured, people are making claims against them are their adversaries. They are not there to help you because that’s just not the way works. So we understand how this whole thing works and we help our clients try to navigate this process and try to present best foot forward so that they get what they deserve.

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