If You’re Hurt

Question: If you’ve been hurt in a serious car accident, you have bad injuries, what do you do next?

Joe: Well those are very, very sad and difficult things.  If you’re hurt in a bad car accident, you really need to figure out what happened.  How it happened and then again as we talked about in the past is to put the whole system together for your benefit the best it can be. That really entails hiring experts to figure out what happened and to prove legal liability. Then hiring experts to prove your injuries or damages and how it’s going to affect you for the rest your life.  Then you also, during the whole process which doesn’t have a fast, work on alternative sources to keep your family going on Social Security, Worker’s Comp or no-fault and ultimately at the end it becomes a process where your goal is to get you the best that you can get available under the circumstances.

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