Identify Theft

Question: With technology, social media, Internet, it’s all great. With those great advances sometimes comes the downside, identity theft, for example. What does someone need to know to protect themselves and if they think their identity has been stolen what do they do next?

Joe: It’s a strange world in terms of technology and protecting yourself. I have a credit card and it seems that every week they are telling me that I have to call them because they’re afraid that it’s being used fraudulently. You have to protect yourself to the best you can. They have these services that you can check your credit reports but you really need to check your bills. Be careful what sites you’re going to because if you get yourself an identity theft situation, you need to contact the police immediately. You need to contact everybody who has anything to do with your credit and it can be a horrific horror show. The legal remedies are very limited because of people who did it, odds are you are never get to them, you are never going to find them and you’re going to be stuck with a bad situation.

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