Question: Joe, you get a lot of calls in your office every week. People are wondering, they are posting on Facebook, do I have a case? This is what happened to me or this is what happened to my husband, my friend. How do you know if that client has a case? What are the simple things people should ask themselves before they make the call?

Joe: Well, it’s both simple and confusing. Obviously if you’ve had a serious injury, doing anything, driving, walking or working. If it something that is already impacting your life, you always want to investigate how to make the bad situation as good as possible. SO that is a fact-gathering situation. Everyone can use common sense principles. Well, did someone else cause it? Is somebody else responsible? Should I make a claim? In the real legal world, your common sense situation may not give you the information in terms of what you need to really evaluate what the case is. If you have a serious injury, make the call.

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  1. I had a neighbor who caused broken bones to my wrist. Do I have a case? he will be charged with 3rd degree assault soon

    Posted by: kleonard | 11:40 am

    • Please contact the firm at 1-800-608-3333

      Posted by: Angela Moonan | 1:28 pm

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