Holiday Solicitation

Question: Good evening Joe. It’s a wonderful time of year, coming up on the holidays. People are very generous this time of year. Are there certain things that we should be mindful of when we are asked to give? When we are asked to donate?

Joe: You should always know who, what and how when you give. People are misled and there are so many opportunities now to do good and to do bad. The Internet is a tool. A small story, I just read that 15% lawyers in a particular state were falling victim to Internet scams when people were asked to give money or invest money. Lawyers, you would think, would know better and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes we don’t as consumers. We get caught up in the emotional part of it. So ask the questions. You can be concerned for your neighbors but also be concerned that they are getting what they need out of your donation. That is important because there is always somebody out there trying to take advantage of a good thing.

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