“Have you been involved in a multiple vehicle accident?”

Whether you’re involved in a multiple vehicle accident, car crash, truck, train, or bus, no matter… the process is all the same.  You have to prove legal liability – show who’s at fault.  Most of us drive, so it’s usually common sense who’s at fault, but the law sometimes has particular rules.  In a multiple vehicle accident, the first issue will be that – who’s at fault? And if there are several people innvolved, they’re going to of course blame someone else, that’s human nature.  So, it’s up to a jury to decide.  Sometimes that jury may have a hard time determining who’s at fault and they may in fact find no one at fault as a result.  If you’ve been involved in a multiple vehicle car crash, any accident for that matter, it’s probably best to seek legal advice regardless.  It’s more than likely a situation you’re not going to want to go it alone on.  Juries – AND insurance co’s, are doubtful.  In an accident and have serious injuries? Best to talk to an attorney who deals with those situations everyday.

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