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Question:  Joe, why is it important that you offer clients a free consultation? When you talk to them initially on the phone, why is it so important that you walk them through the questions that you ask when they call?

Joe:  Free consultation means that you are giving information to somebody that they can’t afford or won’t pay for. A lot of times people are scared especially when they are hurt and have issues. Money is a major, major problem. So we comfort them in that degree. Then we go through in detail, the issues that involve that particular kind of accident. Whether again, if it’s a car crash, a job site injury or a construction accident. We go through the essential facts that are necessary to see if we can help them. Any time someone has been hurt it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a legal proceeding. We want to get the correct information.  We want to decide what we can do, if we can help them and that is very important. Then you can inform them. I always think informing the client is very important. You let them know what can be done under the circumstances.

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